Defence to Corporate

Job Switch ? – We come handy with nuances of corporate world to let you adjust in a competitive and grilling environment.  You come to learn the corporate work culture and unwritten rules of do’s and don’ts, which help you adjust quickly to new uncharted environment. 

The Switchover

Almost 60,000 personnel of the 1.3 million-strong military retire every year, a large number of them between the ages of 32 and 46. (Figures for the number of officers who do so are not separately available.) Far from being alarmed by such attrition, the services claim to encourage it. They retire in the national interest, which is to keep the army young. The army is very different from the police, civil services or other civilian jobs, where people retire at 58 or 60.

What helps placements most, however, is the reputation for discipline, punctuality, and capacity to withstand hardships the military in India enjoys. Employer’s experiences with ex-defence personnel have been largely positive as they bring a certain rigour to their jobs. Those who have been to staff college or commanded a unit tend to score much better as far as attitude, adaptability and performance are concerned.

Outdoor corporate training is yet another department where defence personnel are in demand. There has been an increase in investment in outbound training programmes by corporate houses, and ex-defence personnel have plenty of outdoor experience. Hence, they are the preferred hires. defence to corporate

Public to Corporate

The Transition

Government is dis-investing in loss making public sector companies, there by public sector employees forced to land up in corporate work environment.  This has led to an unprecedented number of public sector workers trying to make the difficult move into the private sector. This transition can be extremely challenging due to the different working environments between commercially-driven organisations and public sector institutions.

Candidates need to completely change their mindset in terms of embracing a new workplace culture when making a successful move to the private sector. The private sector is primarily focused on being profit driven and is free from many of the bureaucratic restrictions in the public sector. In a private sector, however, employees’ main objectives are focused around financial performance and productivity.

However, if those wanting to transfer into the private sector plan their move strategically, it can result in a new and rewarding career with added benefits. Here are some tips to help you make the move. defence to corporate