Experiential Learning

Our Approach

Learn while you play is our way of imparting the training. During the training session, delegates get enthralled and entertained by various indoor and outdoor activities, which forms a part of course curriculum. Key ways that delegates learn include being with other people, being active, exploring ways to complete the task given, communication with others, meeting physical and mental challenges, being shown how to do new things, practicing and repeating skills and having fun!

Our Story

Industrial safety is one issue that is always being talked about, but it is limited to hands on safety training on the various work that is to be undertaken. However a better way to achieve high level of productivity and inculcate a safe work culture is to let the employee have better communication and co-ordination and think ‘Safety’! This is where we step in!!


Next Steps…

For scheduling a course or any further information, please contact on info@elitecel.com 

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